Board meeting minutes

12/08/2016 from 9:30am - 1:00pm

Meeting Minutes

Approved 12.01.2016

board meeting

Board Meeting Minutes

November 10, 2016

President Chad Larson called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.  Roll call showed all board members present.  Also present were Officer Timothy Gratz, Diane Hill, Mitch and Linda Mabb, Charlie Strait , Alan Erickson, Doug from Town and Country Sanitation, Annette Mueller along with others.

Clerk confirmed proof of proper notice

Motion by Bruce Mckittrick and seconded by Brenda Hynek, to approve the October 13th, 2016 regular board meeting minutes.  All present aye, motion carried.

Audience to Citizens/Visitors –None

Announcements/Notices- President Chad Larson Asked Diane Hill to stand, Brenda Hynek in behalf of the Board and the Village of Readstown presented her with a Plaque, flowers and a box of chocolates, for her years of service in the Election Process.

EMS – Scott Wilson said that all is well and quiet.

Fire – Mitch Mabb said they had their Grant done and turned in.  They have received some of their turn out gear and will be getting the rest soon. November 18th they will have their Steak dinner, fundraiser. Tony from the Kickapoo Inn will be donating the Steaks. Mr. Mabb also reported that their chili supper turned out well.

Library : Brian Ewing presented the library report, he said that Claudia was working on some interesting programs of U.F.O’s in Western Wisconsin.


A.      Doug from Town and Country Talked about new programs for garbage pick-up for the Village of Readstown.  Because of insurance with the  pick-up of garbage bags. The pick of garbage in Totes is the way things are going. So he offered to help the Village of Readstown to switch over to these totes. The Board asked Susan to help get a mailing list to Town and Country and they would mail out letters to the residence.  Billing for the service would not begin until January of 2017.

B.       Brenda Hynek made a motion to approve Operator licenses for Macey Kuykendall and Tina Renea Barnett. Bruce Mckittrick seconded the motion. All present aye, motion carried.

C.      Ed Schaffer made a motion to let our contract run out with G&K Services as of the 18th of November and to Buy the Coats for the Public Works Department. Brian Seconded the Motion and Roll call was taken 6 said yes one was not available at the moment, Motion passed.

D.     Bruce Mckittrick made a motion to approve the Picnic license for the fire department fundraiser and Brenda Hynek seconded the motion. All present Aye. Motion carried.

E.      Julie Roberts presented her concerns and that of others, of the board considering no Parking on Maiben St.  Chief Gratz said he would consider all options for making that street safer. Mitch Mabb indicated that all on the fire department are capable of driving the trucks. Chad thanked them for their concerns.

F.       Bruce Mckittrick made a motion to approve Santa on December 17th 2016 and to approve the purchase of Candy for the candy bags.  Ed Schaffer seconded the motion, Roll call was taken. Motion approved.

G.     Brenda Hynek made a motion to move the December Board Meeting to the First Thursday of the month instead of the second. Brian Ewing seconded the motion. All present Aye, motion was carried

H.     The Board tabled the discussion for the Full Value assessment

I.        The Board also tabled the discussion for no parking on Maiben Street

J.        Susan informed the Board that Epic Life insurance has accepted our application for insurance.


A.      Chad informed the Board that the Horse corral is the property of the Village of Readstown. He asked that the Parks department look into the costs of repairs and get a list to the Board.


Audit Committee: authorized disbursements John Heal made a motion to approve the paying of the bills with the exception of the payment to Martin Chapen until our assessment for 2016 was submitted/Brenda Hynek seconded.  Roll Call Taken.   Motion carried.

Police – Officer Gratz reported 199 incidences. He also presented to ordinances to the village board to consider with regards to Semi trailers parking and ones used for storage.  He then informed the board that some work had to be done on Charles Street to make it safe until more can be repaired.

Utility and Public Works – Charlie reported that we have the old computer for the sewer plant up and working again, and we are working on installing the software into the new computer if it will work.

Parks, Buildings, and Grounds: John Heal mentioned that they would be going ahead with the lighting for the sign in the park

Personnel – Motion by Brenda Hynek /seconded Bruce Mckittrick to adjourn to closed session pursuant to WI Statute 19.85 (1)(c) – Employee Benefits.  Roll Call Taken.  All present AYE. Motion carried.

The meeting adjourned to closed session at 8:32 p.m.

The meeting reconvened at 8:55

Diane Hill announced that she has officially resigned from the election board.

Bruce McKittrick made a motion to approve raises in the next budget year. ($.50 Susan, $.25 Chief Gratz, and Emerald Faulkner according to training pre-approved amounts). Ed Schaffer seconded the motion, roll call taken and motion approved.

Bruce made a motion to approve 16 hours a week for part-time officers, wages set at $15.00 per hour and schedule set by the board ( to be kept with clerk). Brenda Hynek seconded the motion, roll call taken and motion approved.

The Board then Balanced the proposed budget and Bruce made a  motion to Present to the Village of Readstown the Proposed budget and Brian Ewing seconded the motion, all present Aye, motion carried

Brenda Hynek made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Bruce Mckittric seconded the motion, all present aye, motion carried.

 Meeting adjourned at 9:05 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Mueller

Village Clerk/Treasurer