01/12/2017 from 7:00am - 3:30pm

Meeting Minutes

This is not an Official copy of the Board meeting minutes just a brief overview of the meeting events:
The Official Copy will be made available within a week after it has been approved by the board.


 January 12, 2017

President Chad Larson called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.  Roll call showed all board members present.  Also present Fire Chief Mitch Mabb, EMS President Scott Wilson, Librarian Claudia Dull and many citizens of Readstown.

Clerk confirmed proof of proper notice

December Meeting Minutes were approved.

Audience to Citizens/Visitors none

Announcements/Notices: None

EMS –Scott Wilson will run for EMS President again, he will also attend a WEMS Conference and receive on behalf of the Readstown EMS an award for their participation in the WEMS for the past 20yrs. He also Thanked the Village for their acknowledgement and assistance.

Fire – Mitch Mabb talked about the need to solve ice issues, and thanked the public workd guys for their effort, it has been a difficult year. He then talked about the HAZMAT OPTS classes needed by the firefighters, which also helps in obtaining grants. He will work on getting bids to repair the firetruck bay.

 Library. Claudia reported that their many new books and DVD’s at the Library. She also has successfully completed one of her classes and has 3 more to take to be a Librarian.

 New Business:

·         Tony Wangen surrendered his “Class B” Liquor License Contingent on the license being awarded to the new owners of his property, If not the license would return to him.

·         Duane and Susan Dregne applied for and were given the “Class B” Liquor

·         Pat’s Corner bar applied for and received their “Class A Cider” license

·         Spring Cleaning was decided for May 19th,2017

·         Tri-State Business Machines Inc. will again be contracted to maintain the village copier.

·         Diane Hill suggested we needed some new ideas for Santa and gift bags next year.  This will be discussed later in the year.

·         The Board decided to remove the no parking ordinance on West Main St.

·         Discussion was made with regard to our new sander and the board decided to take a closer look at their purchasing policy.

Old Business: none.

REPORTS: Approval was made to pay bills.

POLICE: No report

UTILITY AND PUBLIC WORKS: Susan informed the board that she needs to re-examine our standby billing, and that this would take a little time. Charlie stated that he is working on cross connection inspections, but would not have all 50 completed by Jan. 17, 2017. He then reported that our phosphorus report is due and Delta 3 would come to speak to us at the next board meeting. The Board is going to stick with our handbook policy on use of phones until we can look into other options for safe phone use, while driving.

Charlie explained that the snow had not been removed on Charles street because cars were parked in the way.

The Board approved the Brake repair on the 94 dump truck.

CLERK: The board approved Susan’s READI (Rural economic and Area Development Initiative) training in Madison, WI

PARKS BUILDING AND GROUNDS: John purchased new security lighting for the Municipal building.

PERSONNEL: The Board will look into some adjustments to the Employee handbook. But it was decided not to change the Summer hours option.

The meeting adjourned at 8:10

Sincerely, Susan Mueller Village Clerk/Treasurer