Board meeting minutes

07/17/2017 from 10:00am - 7:30pm

Meeting Minutes

Approved :

By           DRAFT


Board Meeting Minutes

JULY 13, 2017

President Chad Larson called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.  Roll call showed all board members present.  Also present were, Diane Hill, Charlie Strait, Mike Callaway, Officer Gratz, Hugh and Candace Petersen, Brenda Hynek and Art Piper.

Clerk confirmed proof of proper notice

Motion made by Brian Ewing and seconded by Bruce Mckittrick, to approve the June 8th, 2017 regular board meeting minutes.  All present aye, motion carried.

Audience to Citizens/Visitors –Art Piper Addressed the Board about Complaints and asked the board that if the First complaint was not right that he would rescind on it. The second complaint mentioned that protocol should be followed; he mentioned that the committee should have opened the complaint; President Larson mentioned that the Chair of that committee did open the letter.

Announcements/Notices- None

Library: Susan reported for Claudia that they had purchased 50 new books and summer activities were no strongly supported but they had some attendance.

EMS –Susan reported that all was going well.

Fire –Susan reported that the reason everyone was not here is that they had Cert-1 training and could not make it. She reported that they Fire Department had made arrangements to have their area covered while they were out.  They would also be attending to the Wisconsin Sate Firefighters Memorial to help with Maintenance.


A.      Asked the board to define Maiben St.. After discussion would like the Publics work committee to look into a design and an estimate of the cost of the work. Also they asked for an estimate of a” NO TRUCKS “sign.

B.      Chad brought up concern for older pickup trucks. After discussion to scrap or repair of the trucks it was decided that they should remove the tires and the plow and scrap the 1999 Chevy truck. And look at options to purchase a new truck or just a plow for our truck. Bruce Mckittrick made a motion to scrap the truck and Brian Ewing seconded the motion. All Aye, motion carried.

C.      Ed Schaffer made a motion to approve an application for the use of Tourist park on September 2, 3, and 4th, 2017 Bruce Mckittrick seconded the motion. All Aye, motion carried.

D.     Bruce Mckittrick made a motion to donate $500.00 to the Advancement Association to put on the Labor Day event. John Deal seconded the motion. Roll call Taken 6 Trustees yes, Chad Larson abstained.

E.      Susan mentioned a need for a mat under the office chair and under the clerk’s window.

Bruce Mckittrick made a motion to purchase the mat for fewer than 100.00 dollars and John Deal. Rolls call Taken all yes.

F.        Officer Gratz asked about a facebook page for the Village of Readstown. Bruce Mckittrick made a motion to let Officer Gratz make a page and John Deal seconded the motion. All Aye, motion carried.

G.     Susan brought up the thought that many Towns and Villages have a limited time to allow audience and Citizens to discuss their concerns. After discussion the Boars decided that if someone had a serious concern it should be placed on the Agenda for discussion. Bruce Mckittrick then made a motion to all Citizens 3 Minutes to bring up there issue, Brian Ewing seconded the motion, All Aye, motion carried.


1.      After discussion the Board decided that some landscaping needed to be done on the north side of the Municipal building. They asked the Building Committee to look into the sloping of the ground on the north side.

2.      Brian brought up the idea of cancelling our agreement with G&K for uniform care.  Charlie mentioned some problems with their service.  Bruce Mckittrick Made a motion to check into the termination of the G&K Services contract for uniforms and get Lawyer advice if necessary, and to end the contract if they had violated the contract, Ed Schaffer seconded the motion. Roll Call taken, All yes, motion carried.


Audit Committee: authorized disbursements David Edgar made a motion to approve the paying of the bills Ed Schaffer seconded the motion.  Roll Call Taken.   Motion carried.

Susan reminded the board that we need reimbursement from Advancement for cooler repair. Bruce suggested we just contact the Advancement Association.

Utility and Public Works

Charlie asked for permission to contact Delta 3 on Contractors for cleaning of Lift station, and the cost. Bruce made a motion to contact Delta 3, Ed Schaffer seconded the motion

Public works committee was asked to look into a salt and sand storage area in compliance with the State of Wisconsin.

Public’s works asked if they should remove the bushes out in front of the municipal building, the board agreed that it was a good idea.

Police:  Officer Gratz reported that he has had to have the k-9 unit in, has had to handle a lot of drugs again.  He asked the Board about having a movie night on Wednesday night at the Advancement Building. He would talk with the Advancement Association.

He then Addressed the Bluff St. complaint. The Board asked Officer Gratz to follow up with monitoring the situation.

He presented the Board with a letter to send out to the residence about Feral Cats. The Board approved the letter to be sent out. Ed Schaffer made a motion to send it out and John Deal seconded the motion. All Aye, motion carried

Parks, Buildings, and Grounds:

John Heal reported that Kenny Goodwin would help with the fence around the Dump site.  Bruce Mckittrick made a motion to approve John purchasing 12 bags of cement for posts, Ed Schaffer seconded the motion. Roll call taken and all Aye, motion carried.

Ed Schaffer made a motion to allow John Heal to purchase 8 bags of cement for cement in Shelter in Tourist Park. Brian Ewing seconded the motion. Roll Call taken, all Aye. Motion Carried.

The Complaint about playground equipment in Bliss park was acknowledge and reported that all work was completed.

Ed Schaffer made a motion to remove one grill from Tourist Park and place it in the park on Mill St.

The moving of the large flag pole from Bliss park was tabled, to possible be put into the Cemetery.

Clerk: Susan reported that we had several complaints this last month, but the Village does not have procedures in place to handle complaints. She had checked with the LWM lawyers and they informed her that it is up to the Village to make procedures that work with them.

Susan asked that the committee meetings not be set on the week of the Board meeting due the  heavy work load for that week.  The Board agreed.

The Historical Society- asked Susan to ask the Board if they could put pictures in the Hall. The Village Board decided that they have much to hang yet and they want room for Local Artists and the School so they decided that they wanted to leave the space free, But they would be welcome to put one in the Library. They also asked about lights for the flags, this was tabled to look into it more.

Susan then informed the Board of some possible FEMA and WMCA training for this next year. This would have to be added to the budget.

Personnel: Chad Larson addressed the board to with the need review employee job duties. 

Bruce Mckkittrick made a motion to adjourn to closed session, at 8:49 P.M. and John Deal seconded the motion. Rolls call taken, all yes adjourned to close session.

Ed Schaffer made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Brian Ewing seconded the motion, All Aye, motion carried.  Meeting Adjourned at 9:05


Respectfully submitted,

Susan Mueller

Village Clerk/Treasurer