Board meeting minutes

01/11/2018 from 7:00am - 10:00pm

Meeting Minutes

Approved :

By           DRAFT


Board Meeting Minutes

January 11, 2018

President Chad Larson called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.  Roll call showed all board members present.  Also present were,  Mitch and Linda Mabb, Scott Wilson and Timothy Gratz..

Chief Gratz  confirmed proof of proper notice

Motion made by Bruce Mckittrick and seconded by John Deal, to approve the December 7, 2017 regular board meeting minutes.  All present aye, motion carried.

Audience to Citizens/Visitors –None

Announcements/Notices- None

Police: Chief Gratz that things have been very busy. The approval of the Ordinances was set back until after the other reports.

EMS – Scott Wilson reported that they have the interest of 3 more people who are taking their first responder course. Scott and Darcy Hanson will be attending a conference at the end of the month that will provide credits for them.

Fire –Mitch Mabb highlighted that there equipment had been tested. They have also put together a list of equipment the fire department owns, to keep on file for Insurance purposes

They asked Susan to look into what it would take to get a referendum for the Fire Department.

Library - NO Report

Back to the Ordinances: The Board asked several questions about the ordinances and the effect on the people in the Village, Chief Gratz answered their questions. Bruce Mckittrick made a motion to approve the Fire Arm Ordinance. Roll Call Taken, 5 Yes, Brian Ewing and David Edgar Abstained. Motion Carried.

Bruck Mckittrick made a motion to approve the Parking Ordinance, David Edgar seconded the motion. Roll Call Taken, 6 Yes, John Deal NO. Motion Carried.


1.      Bruce Mckittrick made a motion to approve the Liquor License for Readstown County Inn & Event Center, Ed Schaffer seconded the motion, All present approved, Motion Carried.

2.      Bruce Mckittrick Made a motion to approve all the Operators licenses that were applied for, Ed Schaffer seconded the motion. All present approved.  Motion Carried.

3.      Bruce Mckittrick made a motion to hire summer help or hire the help from the 2017 year. Ed Schaffer seconded the motion with adding that we should post that job on the water bills.  All present Aye. Motion carried.

4.      Ed Schaffer made a motion that we have spring clean-up on May 15, 2018. Bruce Mckittrick seconded the motion. Roll Call taken, All present Yes, Motion carried.

5.      The Board asked Susan to also put on the Water bills that we are looking for someone to fill a seat on the Zoning Commission.

6.      John Heal brought up the need to repair the dumping station, the board asked him to look into the cost of the repairs.




1.   Susan informed the Board that Our Health insurance has dropped 2300.00 dollars, because our setting the starting dates as January 1st.

2.   Susan brought up the needs to finish work in tourist park. Bruce Mckittrick made a motion to accept Brockway trucking and excavating for the Gravel at Tourist park. Brian Ewing seconded the motion. Roll call taken, All Present yes. Motion carried.

3.   John Heal asked the board to be able to move the water fountain from down by the swings and move it out of flood range and put it up by the bathrooms, we would still put a water hydrant down by the swings, pavilion area.


Audit Committee: authorized disbursements Ed Schaffer made a motion to approve the paying of the bills John Deal seconded the motion.  Roll Call Taken.   Motion carried.

Utility and Public Works – No report

Clerk: Explained to the board that we have to do a Comprehensive Plan for the Village.

She also explained that the FEMA training was postponed until May or August, she would keep them informed.

Parks, Buildings, and Grounds: The Board asked that the public works employees straighten the gutters. The Board also asked that we keep an eye I on the ice buildup on the roof and gutter.

Personnel: Nothing

John Deal  made a motion to adjourn, Bruce Mckittrick seconded the motion, All Present Aye. Motioned carried.  Meeting adjourned at 7:43 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Susan Mueller

Village Clerk/Treasurer