Finance Committee Meeting

04/04/2018 from 9:00am - 8:30pm

Meeting Minutes

Larson called the meeting to order at 1530

FD- #2, Mitch explained where the funds from the FD go and explained costs have gone up. Township thinks they can cover the increase without a referendum. Larson stated he wished Readstown could do the same. Larson explained that he wants to refinance money that was taken from general to pay for sewer several years ago and completing that would allow the village to move forward in a manner that would be very beneficial for every department and the community as a whole. This one action would free up funds that the village should have had and will put us back on track.

Mitch and Linda continued to explain costs over the next few years and stress that they can’t wait any longer to start putting money away in preparation to purchase another truck, which is looking to cost somewhere around 250-300K. Costs for everything are going up says Chief Mabb, this year it may cost this much to test equipment, then next year, it might be significantly more, we just never know.

Motion to take it to the board- Take the idea of a referendum to the whole board as proposed for discussion

-          Motion made by- Brian

-          Seconded by      - Dave

PD- #3, Discussion on Municipal Court, Chief Gratz spoke and explained the costs related to the court moving to Readstown. Committee reviewed the numbers and items provided and decided to bring it to the board on a time frame and thoughts. We have time to review this more to make the best possible decision for the interest of the village, I only want what’s best for the village and I believe having a the court in Readstown is in our best interest - Chief Gratz  

Numbers will be provided to the board during the April Board meeting so we can discuss cost vs. benefit

Motion- Recommendations to the board, give the board all numbers and information for review during the April board meeting for discussion. We will wait to see what happens to the board in Viola this coming election.

Motion made by Dave E. 

Motion was seconded by Brian E.

Motion to adjourn-

Brian- Motion to adjournment 

Dave- Seconded that motion

Minutes provided by Chief Gratz